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7 Tips and Tricks of Swimming Pool Maintenance

What are the most common thoughts that cross your mind when you think about the magic of the summer season? The murmur of the ocean. Gentle summer breeze. An iced-cold cocktail in your hand. A green backyard and… of course, the picture will not be complete without a crystal clear swimming pool in the backdrop.

A swimming pool can make a huge difference in one’s backyard. A water zone will bring more freshness into your home and will allure you to dive inside the cool water during hot summer days. Dipping in the soothing waters of your pool can totally refresh your body and help you dispel all negative thoughts away from your mind.
However, in order to enjoy optimally the fabulous waters of your pool, you have to master all specifics and tricks related to swimming pool maintenance.

Unless you are a swimming pool maintenance expert, you have to call a special service company that will evaluate the overall condition of your pool and identify any existing defects. Once all swimming pool defects have been identified, your pool maintenance provider will propose effective solutions.

Swimming Pool Maintenance -Tricks and Tips

  1. Chemically balanced water is the key to a healthy marine environment. Test your water’s acidity, chemical balance and pH level on an ongoing basis, and provide regular shock treatments.
  2. Maintain your filter properly to avoid damage to your swimming pool. Keep your water completely sanitized and remove debris from your filter.
  3. In the case of heavy rains and severe winds, you should test your water’s balance additionally and re-adjust it if necessary to avoid any disruption of the swimming pool’s water environment.
  4. Evaluate your pool volume and apply a cleaning product in accordance with the amount of water that your pool contains. Your pool’s volume will determine the product dose that you should apply into it.
  5. Remove debris and leaves from the water to maintain its natural transparency.
  6. Disinfect your water with the help of suitable cleaning products. If your water has been even slightly contaminated, you immediately run the risk of skin infections and skin irritations.
  7. Choose all tools and equipment that are necessary to thoroughly clean and vacuum your pool. Keep in mind that irreproachable swimming pool maintenance will keep your level of satisfaction with your pool maximal.

Keeping your waters crystal clear is very important because in this way, you will maintain your garden more appealing for your guests and will get more pleasure from playing in the refreshing waters of your small oasis in the summer.

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